Keep Fishing

I will admit, seeing the postman walk to my door, ring the doorbell and then walk away, I instinctively thought, “Hmmm…  I know we need more Probiotic Ultra, Fiber and Spark.  I wonder which we ordered first.”
To my complete surprise, I was sent a Bass Pro Extreme Fishing Bag.  Of course I was very tempted to check my bank statement UNTIL we discovered a lovely handwritten note reading .”Kyle, here is a fishing bag for you from us at the Cape May County of Tourism.…”

Handwritten Note Fishing Bag

Apparently they heard about the awesome time we had fishing aboard The Miss Andrea.  My gosh, flattered doesn’t even begin to describe how that made me feel.  You can bet we are going to keep them in mind and look forward to our next adventure with them.

Thanks Again Drew Alleva from Charlestown Paving for including us on the epic “Business Trip!”

Whole Party

Drew Alleva and Kyle Keech


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