Stop Being A Crab


Yea, it’s Monday.  Yea, I actually worked out in the pool yesterday after I hinted to planning to rest instead on Facebook.  Yea, I am noting now that that is clear proof that I don’t care much for taking it an easy on myself, EVER.

Anywho, just this morning I added a few cool things to  If you find and click the text that reads “Youth Recovery,” you’ll be taken to a page I hope will help others.  Erryn E.’s personal page is already linked to it.  Just click on it to go directly to her page.  She lives in South Africa I believe.  That’s just crazy in itself.  It also says a lot about my reach too..  “From one end of the world to the other, Kyle Keech’s name is getting known!”
Not that Erryn used it herself, but that Project: Recovery page‘s aim is to deliver results JUST LIKE THIS!



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