Right To Recover

Ask yourself something.  “Who is stopping me?”  Then tell me why they are even interfering with YOUR progress.  I’ll give you a bit.
If you’re not already saying nobody, now you know who to cut off.  YOUR recovery depends on you.  Assistance ought to be welcomed and even encouraged, but never again do I want to hear some lame excuse as to why you are not making moves.

As you may have noticed, the only time I’ve been taking away from MY recovery lately has been to pull you along.  Yesterday, day 6 of 6 in a row in the gym, in the pool or climbing 30 ft. rock walls was spent doing CHEST and ARMS.

I did well.  I’m not going to brag, I actually did great but that’s nothing new.  Soo..  Uhh…  Personal development may be all I’m interested in, but is there anything wrong with that considering I’m helping others along the way?

I heard from Kyle Reynolds from the team page last night, he’s going to be officially ON THE TEAM hopefully by day’s end.  I could not be more excited for him.  He’s actually planning on taking advantage of the Ultimate Guide TO RECOVER For Writers on TeamIBK.com too!  I think he is considering using the slogan, “…. GRIND!”

(Hahaha, I’m not going to give it away, let you steal his shine!)   You’ll just have to stay tuned for updates by making sure you are signed up on the mailing list at KyleKeech.com and keeping an ear open for when we update his area on TeamIBK.com.



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