It pains me to say it, but as you are probably already aware of, some in this world seem to be here to disturb and distract.  That’s fine.  Don’t even acknowledge them.
MOVE ON. Obviously, they have nothing better to do with their time.  Feel bad for them if anything.

Finally being fully able to focus on your comeback without hesitation feels great doesn’t it?

Not that it’s worth noting, but let me share an instance of the opposition I brush off daily..

This morning, WHILE STILL LAYING IN BED OF COURSE (I clocked in at 6:30ish), I reached out to an individual who expressed he was growing tired looking for a legitimate job/ career.  Maybe I intimidated him, showed off too much when I shared how much I have going for me.  Who knows?

I proceeded to share KyleKeech.org and TeamIBK.com with him.  First issue he claimed to have was with the reality of the networking business structure I now find myself using.
“I hate to break the news to you kid, but that’s how thousands of people lead their lives and support themselves.”

He challenged the validity of the nutrition line we support.  Claiming everything on the site was bad for you.  “Tell him to ask all the Olympic athletes who endorse and utilize the vitamins and alternatives what they think about that.”  HERE

–  Don’t worry I only WASTED about 15 minutes on him.  SWIMMING or CHEST tonight, that’s where my priorities lie. 
I did LEGS last night WHICH I GREW DOING.

Hahaha, WINNING!

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  • you are absolutely right, Kyle – U should be a politician running for office! You would make a great one! I am so proud of you!

  • Way to go Kyle, you rose above the challenge of the antagonist. There are plenty of haters and people who have nothing better to do than find fault with things rather than be a positive inspiration as you are. Keep Pushing Kyle, you are fabulous.

  • Priscilla

    Good for you, Kyle. Let the haters try to recreate what you have for themselves! They’ll see they won’t get far with that attitude! You keep going and never stop!!


  • Steve Keech

    Staying positive & motivated even in the face of negativity by others is great advise, advice to live by

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