Purely Business

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Please, speak up. If you want to control your own destiny, you better start moving towards getting stuff done.

I know, I wait for no one. It’s still a trait in development but I fear less and less every single day. Up until recently, I’ve always been “The Nice Guy.” Tough love from coaches is understandable.. annnd I AM COACH, soo..  I’M HERE, I’M COACH, GETTING THINGS DONE IS THE GOAL and I GET ACCOMPLISH GOALS.

If you missed it, check out the new cutie on TeamIBK.  Let’s just hope she cleared her schedule so she can join us at the Philadelphia Union game this Wednesday afternoon.






–  I don’t think I’ve ever had VIP TICKETS to anything in my life.  Pregame events start four hours before kickoff so I can’t even imagine what’s gonna’ go down!





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