Workin’ Out

Let’s see..
This past Monday morning I had OT and..  I crushed it.
Tuesday, I hit that gym.  Did legs.
Morning OT session then shoulders and back @ Kennedy’s Wednesday.
Climbed Thursday
MAY HAVE rested Friday.
Biceps, triceps, stomach and cycling Saturday.


Do note that MAY HAVE is capitalized because honestly by the third day of the week, you know my days and hours lose track of themselves and run together.  Good thing we KEEP PUSHING.

Also just this morning I saved $45 dollars ordering my next order of vitamins from being on the team.  Hint Hint, JOIN!

Today I’ll be meeting with the owner and manager of Willow Grove Landscaping IN PERSON.  He will be officially joining the team by the end of the day and discussions will include organizing and advertising the ad space on his new site.

This week’s master list includes:

Making sure we get placed under the Friends tab.
Finalizing the transfer of to point to their site.  (Not active, don’t be upset when it doesn’t open if you click on the URL)
Kicking A$$ at therapy.
Motivating others to get up offa that thing.
Demolishing every set, rep and exercise done a the gym.




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