Quick Update

Besides the phenomenal meeting I had with my rehab doctor yesterday..

(Where I got a script for future therapy evals, future therapy funding, assistive technology/ a special seat, a driver’s eval with training and one on one business development)

I made some big moves on developing (www.TEAMIBK.com).  Check them out.  I added some information on the potential of joining TEAMIBK.  Scroll to the bottom of the list of friends.  Willow Grove Landscaping is our newest addition.  Their page is simple for now but we hope that changes as it get developed more.  We did add an external button to another company’s site at the bottom of their site.  That company does HVAC work.  I’ll recommend them more fully if and when they join our team as well.

Feel free to comment below if you’d like an ad to your company’s site placed there too.  We will select 3 of the first 5 submissions and add them free of charge.  After that ad space will go for at least 15 to $25 a month.



Willow Grove Landscaping logologo2

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