Friday’s Check In

I have confidence in the fact that you are really starting to take the hint that this drive and energy to endure comes from you.  You need to RELY ON YOURSELF.  Waiting for a hand up, a door opened or a walker put in reach, ends now.  Go turn the fan BACK ON because it’s surely about to get hot up in herr’

I trust you took my word for it and grabbed your copy of THE READING EAGLE yesterday.  Me being COACH is official now.  Ya, that makes me happy but the work is only starting now.  Offering a leg up only begins to explain what we offer here at  If you look, just today I added the BIG RED TEXT that reads CLICK HERE.

It’s no longer about you joining my team and helping me get ahead, it’s about you forming your own team and leading your own life.  Scheduling in-house presentations, conferences and seminars is now on our TO-DO LIST.  Hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, the offices of your local doctors carrying literature about taking your life and future into your own hands, YOU BET!

Networking and promoting being the main ACTIVITY of DAILY LIVING (ADL) for now on.. I think I could get used to that.


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