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Tonight’s post is going live to proactively feed your need to get a kick in the pants.  Tomorrow’s Occupational Therapy session may delay me touching base.  I’m going to kick butt don’t you worry.  Planning ahead and staying the course has never been so crucial.  (TRY IT SOMETIME)

Just a bit ago, I added some new SUGGESTED drinks and shakes to the Coach’s Page of (  Check them out AND STOCK YOUR SHELVES!  Remember joining TeamIBK (shut up, I know my signature team name never looks the same) gets you up to 40% off everything at  Register at

I really can’t wait until therapy tomorrow.  I also just sent a friend I spent the weekend with an email, learning he likes to live healthy and in fact his daughter is a Champ who has pursued teaching.  I believe she is my age or slightly older even but hopefully her (AND HER HUSBAND) feel motivated to show their support and say they would love to get on the Friends Page.

Remember, that invitation goes out to all of you AND remember the recommended option to join my nutrition team (by registering on includes many many many perks besides living longer, healthier and more fit.

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  • Steve Keech

    Ok good comments and motivation to start off a dreary week. Need extra motivation to begin a week where weather is going to be yucky, thanks.

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