Keeping it 100

I wrote you yesterday.  I’m writing you again, end of story.  Ok, so it phased me when considering a “COMEBACK“…  You might think of it as REGAINING lost ability, ambition, fortune or success.  Here in my life, it’s probably more logical to think of it as a hundred(+)!  Say that out loud, “My goal is to increase performance, attitude and success more than ever before.”  “A hundred PLUS..”

Continue, “I already see what I have overcome and each benchmark passed acts as fuel to motivate my next move.”  Go ahead and pull out your calendars while you’re at it.  Draw a BIG CIRCLE around the number 5 in the date May 5th.  That’s a Thursday a week from yesterday, 6 days from now.
Picking up multiple copies of the READING EAGLE would be a smart idea.  Don’t worry, find me and I’ll sign em’, but the article featuring myself, my CAN-DO attitude and my team at Reading Rocks is going to be in it.

Make sure you check out the WHOLE Coach’s Page next time you look.  (www.KyleKeech.ORG)  I’m going to add some more suggested products to boost your physical performance at some point today, but what’s on there already, is “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”
Starting your day with proper nutrients and vitamins is crucial for better than expected ADL’s, RESULTS and stats we know, but maintenance and functionality are crucial for every single person.  Fish Oil/ Omega Plex, we got that..

“The term “essential fatty acid” refers to fatty acids required for biological processes but does not include the fats that only act as fuel.”  (Wikipedia)

That’s enough of a nudge and information for this morning.  Stay tuned to Recover With Kyle Keech on Facebook ok?
I MAY BE OUT OF TOWN THIS WEEKREND WITH NO SERVICE, so don’t cry when I don’t wake you up tomorrow.


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