Impulse Control

I have therapy bright and early tomorrow morning.  This week’s Monday morning post is being posted today.  Deal with it.

Hahaha, here we go..  You see all these cool features on my site?  Impulse! Impulse! Impulse! Impulse!
I’ve been warned for years about spreading myself too thin.  I admit I probably do keep things at a level of incompleteness that I should focus on a bit more.
Whatever, moving on..  I do not necessarily see my way of embracing as much as I can as a bad thing.
I wake up daily before quarter of 6 like it’s nothing and I WORK FROM THE MINUTE I CAN COMPREHEND I’M NOT DREAMING UNTIL PAST MY BEDTIME.

I get excited over the smallest degree of newness in my routine.  Remembering and doing what I should be doing without hesitating gets appreciated like you wouldn’t believe.  Having established a career based on MY WAY of living means I must be doing something right,  right?

My level of consciousness writing is unique and I love it. How else would you get the inside perspective you do without my heart getting smeared all over the page you’re reading right now?   Huh?

Oh, something I did want to chat about was that plan I’ve mentioned for too long it feels like. Create a career for myself, work out/ improve my physical ability.. find a way to make what I do produce gems I can sell at the market, give thanks to God continuously and increase my level of independence all without worrying the slightest about not equaling what my opposition suggests I should be doing.

I know I’m long winded. I do not care.  My lifestyle is adding to my comeback better than I can give clue to. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?
My recovery, my comeback, my claim to fame are all synonyms for the work I do and I love it!

For a second realize my comeback, my recovery and my claim to fame is breaching uncharted waters. It’s nuts when I remember I should be 6 feet under.
But nooo… what am I doing??
Living, embracing and enjoying as much life as I can?

Check out the page I worked on this weekend to encourage others to meet up and climb with TeamIBK HERE.

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