Still At It

Smile reading this.  You made it through another week.  Go ahead BRUSH IT OFF.
I did post my motivational post yesterday so look for that in the archives (or click HERE).  Today I want to focus on my network and growing it.  If you haven’t seen the updates on, give them a look.

If you would be so kind, forwarding this entry and the positive reinforcement it deserves on that would be amazing.  Thanks in advance.  This morning I deliberately emailed Mrs. K. at The Lehigh Valley Brain Injury Support Website in hopes of sharing insights and possibly a reference or two.  Short and sweet letters arriving in your inbox may in turn start happening soon as I build my confidence and outreach efforts a little more.

Either way, recommending the great resources available at to everyone you know would be a smart way to show support AND help them out.  While there, check out the custom gear on the GEAR page.  Thinking about that now, maybe adding some preferred mouth guards and sweat bands to that page may end up on today’s to do list.

The below image is something you can find on our Facebook page, but note the days and times, we would love to see some supporters deciding to put their health and fitness first.



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