You CAN do it!


Let me tell you, the little kid busting up laughing while fishing with his dad to my right yesterday had me smiling.  It felt really good to be in such good company.  I’ll be sure to add a direct link to the club’s website IF THEY HAVE ONE at some point today.
I do want to give them the nod, and teamIBK stamp of approval for they are more than just a group of welcoming patrons.  They will give you the shirts off their back OR THEIR ROD AFTER THEY’VE CAUGHT THEIR LIMIT EVEN.

-I do not want to necessarily say I showed them all up with my 24.5″ trophy trout.. BUT I TOTALLY WILL!
I also want to share that their pond is very accessible and enjoyable by all.
“Hey Pete, thanks for taking it straight to the taxidermist for me, it’s going to look great on my wall at my new house.”

Last week you should have noted I mentioned and spoke super highly of the aqua therapy center, StoneCroft at TelHai.  As of right now, Monday evening or Friday evening this week is going to be spent breaking in my swimming shoes again there.

I would hate to prematurely add those sessions to my weekly WORK SCHEDULE, but I think my overtime hours just this past week have to be up around 3 or 4.  Remember to check out the LAST sponsorship option on the OPTIONS FOR SPONSORING KYLE page.

“Making progress, therapy, your comeback and your recovery YOUR JOB not only keeps you focused, it eliminates room for diminished motivation…  If it’s YOUR JOB, you have to do it.”


“Check out all that protein!”



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