Day 2 – March 9, 2016

Let me tell you, minus the headache actually getting to therapy this morning, the word “swimmingly” accurately describes Day 2’s preparation and commute. Right now I’m sipping on this chocolate peanut butter Meal Replacement Shake and am consciously looking forward to the 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein being easily digested. LET’S REBUILD THOSE MUSCLES!

Today’s Breakdown of therapies starts off with OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY shedding some light on methodology. Call me Steve Urkel because from now on the already sown-on loops on my pants will be accompanied by suspenders.

In SPEECH THERAPY, multisyllabic words were at the core of what we focused on. Primarily, incorporating lip closure sounds like “p,” and “b.” I got a sheet of words I’ll continue practicing at home too and that’s important. ONCE “THERAPY” ENDS, YOU CAN’T JUST STOP FOCUSING ON WHAT NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON. The quicker you start embracing working on your wellbeing without thinking about it, the sooner you’re going to achieve the wanted goal.

In PHYSICAL THERAPY, sit to stand exercises stressed standing from a surface without arm rests. “Remember to bend your legs and sit correctly WHENEVER you sit down Kyle. Especially when you’re going to want to get back up independently!”

Be at Reading Rocks tonight by 6:15 people! 3 of 4 therapies today down, one more to go.
Now, don’t disrupt my nap, I’ll see you there.

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