Late Day Post

Ya, I know it’s later in the day getting to writing my end of the week post.. I’m still doing it. Kind of proud being able to say that I was too busy working earlier today to get time to write. When you get a chance check out this champ’s new site. (

Kylie’s father is a friend and teamIBK is now one of her first sponsors. “Gonna get a vinyl sticker on her car too!” She’s already a champ so stay tuned into the Facebook Page and for more updates on her successes.
I don’t want to float my own boat, but I literally just got done typing up my answers to an interview my friend Anna asked me to do. She’s actually putting a book together and thought including an interview with yours truly would be a nice addition.

Not that I like to talk about myself, but I had a blast answering the 15 or so questions she gave me. I’ll update you on that when I hear back. It feels good to be in such a good place, mind, body and soul.

Again, check out Kylie’s new page, sign up on the mailing list at and shoot Chris an email if you know anybody looking to get on Kylie’s side supporting her.




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