Yea.. I’m excited..

This week, the work put in will take me to a HNL (whole ‘notha level) I’m thinking!


– Anyways, take a minute and check out the YOUR MISSION page on now! More specifically, scroll down and check out the additions made to the bottom of the page. My sister’s beauty salon passed inspection this week!! I could not be happier for her or more proud.

The fact that her new salon is located INSIDE A GYM is not even a highlight to me (sarcasm intended!) I’m totally writing this post a night ahead of time because I have time to. I went rock climbing last night (Wednesday night) and my body has been showing signs of fatigue and needing a rest.

While I can I’d like to give a big SHOUT OUT TO AMANDA AT READING ROCKS for the assistance bending my left leg and advancing it last night.

*NOTE* – Identifying and being conscious of your body, your strengths, your weaknesses and your improvements means YOU KNOW YOU’RE MAKING PROGRESS!

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