Little Diddy

Little Diddy

I really don’t want to get bogged down trying to explain that I started writing this post yesterday (Sunday morning) instead of today.
Anyways, the draft I punched into my phone started something like..

“I swear I woke up this morning reciting the words to  “Green Light” by John legend

Sure it is only 3AM but that’s what you get for going to bed at 6:30 on a Saturday night,,”
Haha, an old man already? Ya, that’s me.
“That’s what you get for tirelessly pushing those limits, padre.” I’ll wear that badge any and every day of the week. PUSH ME!

Don’t worry I acknowledge you are more than likely already feeling every joint in your body and inflammation rearing its ugly head, having shoveled all that snow.

For the rest of you AND MYSELF, let’s keep at it! If you missed my writing Saturday, I mentioned I had figuring out my GoPro and some other stuff to do.
First things first, most imp,ortantly, I “registered and redirected” (technical terms, hahaha) the page I made for people interested in lending support to You best get used to hearing about that page and alike more often, ok?
I gotta’ make a living somehow AND apparently “that’s how bloggers do it.”

My master plan still falling into place feels amazing.

Outline how to use writing as a means to come back from injury, RECOVER. (SEE HERE)
Document my journey through the struggle personally, and ENJOY IT.
Get friends, families, businesses and organizations interested in supporting me. (SEE HERE)
Emerge as one of the more well known figures in the game we call “RECOVERY.”

“Whoever said recovery was a slow process, wasn’t talkin’ bout me.”


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