Create Your Own Inspiration!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to kick you to the curb and say get out of here. That being said leaves me CHANTING “Get Yours!”

Now the picture in this post of the shelves amazingly arranged to display who I am as a person is more than likely going to be placed on the COACH’s page of, on the SPONSOR KYLE page or somewhere else but I want you to observe how things are done.
Besides creating a “nook” in my office to look to, to see all that I have going for me, it reminds me of some of my brighter days in life, shows me nothing is impossible, literally condones my impulsiveness to never put anything off until later, looks nice and gives me something to say is mine!
(Excitement tends to leave me long-winded, I know. Not apologizing!)

I swear, this afternoon will probably include me trying to find out exactly who wrote about me/ created a piece about me back in school. (Was his name Travis..?)
I’ll get to that, but IN THE BOOK I’m reading, it explains how you can make the best things out of the worst circumstances. I believe I’m already doing that but it mentions how newspapers, journalists and alike the public like writing and reading about astonishing stories.
I’ll take that crown and wear it…. Psych!

Why should I feel bad about putting myself first? Oh did I mention how good I feel about writing this… Oh wait.. that’s a secret! Let’s just say my irons in the fire, they’re multiplying!!

Move Mountains People!

Looking quick, I found it! (“Video Kyle, not written”)


  • Bridget Graul

    You do rock Kyle! Thank you for the positive words! Can’t wait to read more…

  • Anne McGlone

    Love your “nook” Kyle, thanks for sharing. I read your post late Thursday night, and just reread it again. More than anything, I love your ATTITUDE. Kyle Keech ROCKS!

  • mom mom

    Kyle this is the most amazing amazing video ever I’m still crying buddy it is awesome and God Bless You Kyle I don’t know who made that comment but somebody must not have known you and to know you is to love you Kyle and keep up the good work you touch my heart and my soul this is your grandmother I love you Kylie yeah yeah

  • Great – wonderful work!

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