Multiple Points.

This morning I want to recap a few milestones I’ve realized recently. You may have seen it on my Facebook page, but if not, this past weekend I came across an article on Penn State’s website. Based on its content, I certainly felt the need to comment, reply and give my two cents on the subject.

My response:  My rant:

“Have Mercy!?

Dear Penn State,

Ay, it’s your biggest fan here.. First off, I want to acknowledge and admit without you I probably wouldn’t even be here typing this letter. You definitely gave me something to work towards in my darkest days. Our relationship is mutual isn’t it? I could have sworn I gave you as much support, power and respect as any of and all your other ‘fans’ combined.

I thought that was the deal we made. I woke up this morning (01/17/2016) calm UNTIL I looked to my phone. There in my notifications, however to my complete surprise I continued to read some pathetic headline reading, “Penn State asks students to report microaggressions to administrators…” Or something like that.

Microagressions? What? I’m literally shaking a bit writing this, let’s call it a “complaint.”

The article’s intro reads “At Pennsylvania State University, no hurt feeling is too small, no slight too inconsequential, no unintentionally biased statement too unimportant.

Administrators want to know it all.”

  1. I copied this from YOUR website.
  2. I can hardly understand the structure of a few sentences in the piece.
  3. That amount of respect I said I have for you just made a huge nose dive.
  4. I’m not even one to complain about anything.
  5. I hope you’re happy making at least one of those in your corner upset.

A few questions I have in mind revolve around MY experiences in State College include:

  1. Where the hell were these ultra-compassionate feelings when my family had to FIGHT to get accommodations that should have been in place actually in place?
  2. Why did we literally have to see your board of trustees to get a pair of freaking bars in the bathrooms I used?
  3. Why were there so many hurdles to go through to get 20 additional minutes added to the testing times when those test scores meant so much to my future?
  4. Elevator keys, don’t even get me started, but FYI, those classes that are on different floors need to be gotten to .
  5. Traveling to the other side of campus to attend 20 minute seminars that are mandatory for a passing grade are a little hard to get to when classes only allow you to be two minutes late before you get marked as NO ATTENDANCE.

Excuse the inconsistent grammar above, this is so hard to do. FRUSTRATION, inexcusable grief, the most patient patience tested.. I’m going to stop. Most of the professors, faculty and staff had the ounce of understanding I wish your building board and higher ups had.


Oh, btw – You robbed JoePa.. and hey Franklin, STEP UP TO THE PLATE.. DO SOMETHING.”

However you feel about the article doesn’t matter much right now. I got it out of my system. I’m proud I got my opinion out in such a public venue.



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