The Time Has Come!

I don’t even want to get in to today’s post without saying how much better I feel grinning while getting ready in the morning. You already know I woke up excited to knock today on its behind! Loll

If you didn’t catch it, my already BEAUTIFUL SMILE (hahaha) got a new lease on life the other day. I’m telling you right now, that as soon as the young Dr. (that’s what you call them right?) entered the room, I was consciously checking HIM out. “Oh my gosh, he’d be such an inspiration and influential member of teamIBK if he joined.” -I could hardly contain myself! (LAUGH OUT LOUD!)

I mentioned my position as coach of course, but also muttered I’d put a good word in for them. Getting the teamIBK stamp of approval, I’ve already told you means something!

The warmth of their staff and office should be acknowledged first off. Getting my support and backing is no easy task, I have way too many other things to focus on. Hats off to every single one of you for making me feel welcome. Haha, before mom left the room the Doctor and I were in with his assistants she WHISPERED “Just be yourself,” in my left ear.

She SHOULD know that my left ear is my bad ear shouldn’t she?

– I don’t know who else I would be, but I smiled.  Anyways.. I AM going to text my contact there, ANNE a link to this post. Check out their website at Schedule your next cleaning there of course and mention that I sent you.
ALSO, check out how healthy everybody on their team already is. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH MY INPUT WOULD HELP!

Have A Great End Of Your Week People!


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