Big Leagues

Today’s post is already a bit different. Go ahead and test my impromptu ability to KEEP PUSHING without working on what I post days ahead of time, prewriting. Before we start, let’s DOUBLE CHECK our mornings have started right..

Wake up BEFORE 5:30am: CHECK!
Drink 12-15 oz. of coffee + 11.8 oz. bottle of water: CHECK!
Walk to my home office, sit down safely: CHECK!
Scribble down my To-Do List for the day: CHECK!
Eat my Oatmeal, Yogurt, Fruit (banana): CHECK!
Turn on today’s background music, RIP David Bowie: CHECK!

NOTE: That was all done by 9:00am.

If you look to today’s featured image, last night I got a ride to Barnes and Nobles and picked up a copy of THE ART OF THE DEAL by Donald J. Trump and Tony Schwartz. I’ve decided to not get bogged down by reading the acknowledgements first (they’ll still be there after I finish the book).

While in the store actually, I got to the top of page 3. I’m definitely going to end up rereading it, but I wanted to make clear how excited I was just reading that much. The way to book is composed you can hear the author planning out his day. It’s completely written in first person so far. That’s awesome. That’s EXACTLY how I write. It gives me hope for one day my writing getting published and recognized notable. What I wanted to get across today besides getting you amped to demolish past bests and limitations is calling a select few up to the big leagues. Up here with me, your actions don’t get recognized by everybody but the peace you feel inside makes up for the rest refusing to acknowledge who you know is best.

Pulling up my roster right now on my computer/ back office, I want to deliberately single out a few friends. Mr. E. and Mrs. B., you two are being recognized as having potential. Pat yourselves on the back and do your best to follow through with the listed directives below and above.

If it makes it easier to jot down these notes, I’m not stopping you.
First, think about who you know. Who can you think of that needs to be more health conscious, motivated and fueling their bodies better?
– Try to come up with a list of 5 names or so and write them IN ALL CAPS.
a. If you have their email addresses and/ or phone numbers, scribbling them down may be smart too.
b. Reaching out to them by means of group message/ thread might be logical. –   Go ahead and directly address each of them and instruct them to:
i. Sign up on the mailing list at to take their wellbeing into their own hands.
ii.  Look to the COACH’s page to view what credentials your mentor has going for him.
iii.  Register on to join teamIBK, get all their vitamins, healthier alternatives, drinks, bars and shakes from the trusted

I limited your list to start with 5 individuals. I am not asking a lot I don’t think. Feel free to grow your list if you want to help more. Every bit of support counts. If it is easier, see this post on Facebook and TAG your contacts below. Thank You Very Much.


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