Hey bro, you can bet if it’s not featured on this post by the end of the day, MY Facebook Page is going to have a video shout out to you and yours.

I know I quickly mentioned the benefits of getting you on and involved with teamIBK yesterday when we chatted.. BUT the possibilities I see have me more than just excited!

“AYOO!” Hahaha.. anyways yea, what we do here on teamIBK is.. (Besides succeed, make progress and continuously increase ability) is move forward in life. I could not help but mention how healthy you looked in all your pics. You did mention that you played ‘lots of tennis.’ 🙂 That’s really cool.
Depending on where you play, maybe coming by to watch and learn more about it (and get myself out of the house) could be arranged. I don’t know too much about tennis but anything that has an ounce of physical endurance, stamina and strength involved in it ALREADY HAS MY FULL ATTENTION.

BACK TO BUSINESS: We discussed eating clean, that’s why I want you on teamIBK. Besides earning your respect and “endorsement,” helping you, your body and your performance would mean a lot to me. Discounts on vitamins, we got that. Energy supplements, check. Strength mounting proteins, say whattt.
I’m not saying anything, but just this morning while still sitting on my bed I had a bottle of water, half a SPARK and my daily probiotic. You should see me right now. I am wearing a full stretch therma fleece sweat suit and I can’t wait to start my morning routine. – Yesterday I stood for 31 minutes with only sitting down twice!


I don’t know, all I’m gonna say now is make sure you are signed up on the mailing list at, check me out on, get yourself on teamIBK and SHARE THIS POST WITH FRIENDS!
Thanks bud.


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