NOTE:  Be at Reading Rocks tonight by 6:30p if you want to climb with the world’s best. No joke, see yourself as what you feel inside people.

Shout out to Drew Alleva from Charlestown Paving!  I had a GREAT TIME fishing yesterday. Talk about being a champ, I caught the FIRST FISH, the BIGGEST FISH and the MOST FISH! I’m already planning on writing him this morning to encourage him and a select few perhaps to link arms with teamIBK and get stronger. I don’t want to say I saw room to grow in technique, but hey JD I’m pretty sure  the fish aren’t gonna just jump in the boat!

“You can expect top-notch workmanship and service from Charlestown Paving because we have loyal, experienced employees, and we own and maintain a full fleet of trucks and heavy equipment.

Charlestown Paving & Excavating, Inc. is pre-qualified by PennDOT, registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a home improvement contractor, and fully insured and bonded.  Give us a call; we look forward to serving your paving needs!”

MEN:  As prompted, let teamIBK do what it does best and do what it can to help you increase output. Check me out on the COACH’s PAGE of, sign up and register on and make sure you are all signed up on the mailing list at!

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