Eating Right, Scheduling, Coordinating and Networking being a way of life just feels good!


You heard right, at some point today the Friends Page and Events Page of teamIBK.com will have some new content on them. Back in my younger days, back when I wore an ironed shirt to class and a belt through my hoops.. I spent two consecutive years I think sitting in the very same class as a real warrior.

Check it, this girl Sam (Left) looks to be doing big things with her life. Excuse me for not having tons of info on her just yet, but what I can tell you is.. teamIBK is going to be attending a fight of hers coming up on January 30, 2016!


Also, on 1/01/2016 – I will personally be MAKING AN APPEARANCE at The 72 stone steps before the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that ROCKY made famous in 1976.


Additional content, fighter specs and fight night announcements, will be posted below if and when they come in. Have a productive week people.

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