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I’ve already made it abundantly clear how you should always plan on succeeding, I’m sure but today’s post is going to document MY latest proof in that guidance. Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment with the rehabilitation doctor to request more outpatient therapy. Before even EATING I started to draft the points I wanted to make clear to the doctor. Mom told me to keep it to five sentences. Ya right! You already know but here is my part of the drafted conversation I wanted to make sure I got across..

“Doctor’s Note: GOAL:  Document and warrant additional outpatient therapy sessions.
My Input:  I’m going to list and detail briefly what I feel seconds my ambitions to continue therapy.  For your knowledge, it has been 14 years give or take since I was in my accident.  I am still working very hard to improve my speech, physical ability and independent living skills.  My ADL’s alone, doing them daily is still a task I need assistance and supervision doing considering my falling risks and safety. As I said, 14 years after my accident and STILL making progress..  Can you really say that is insignificant?  I am doing things today others would have never thought possible.  This Christmas, I’m already planning on getting a Black Diamond Rock Climbing Harness and a GoPro.

Today, I run a fitness and motivation website based on recovery and rehabilitation.  You can find me on the coach’s page of

There are numerous activities I know I still need to get better at.  A few are: Walking independently Pulling my pants up by myself Walking up and down stairs Cleaning myself Increased physical activities keep me in better health elsewhere too.  Since stopping my sessions I’ve had digestion issues, which affects my entire body and performance.  In my head, building strength is the key to progressing further.  I am at the gym 3-5 times a week.  Therapy has facilities that I do not have at home.  I do walk laps around my house daily but room is limited.  I have no STAIRS that I can use practically to train on.  (There is ONE step that I’m getting better at handling).  Weekly, I try to make sure I get to the climbing gym at least once.”

Let’s just say I didn’t stick exactly to the script, but I knocked the speaking part of the appointment OUT OF THE PARK! #speakup

I saw the doc writing in her notes and suggested strongly, “Hey, don’t forget to add speech to that list.”
This spring, I will be continuing PHYSICAL THERAPY, POOL THERAPY, SPEECH THERAPY and I’ll even be starting OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY again so I can get things in line to start DRIVING!

#shoutout to Dr. Brown
#shoutout to Tom, the head honcho at Reading Rocks – HANG IN THERE!

bfast2 (Enjoy eating!)


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