Today’s entry is fresh off the chopping block! Was this week a good one for you? I couldn’t have asked for more..
First off, my gym days, they were HEAVY!
My evening climbing rocks could not have gone better!
As of last night I definitely have at least one athlete/ coach/ beast ready to order his 24 Day Challenge!
More and more people are beginning to recognize my work and site as the kick in the pants they need.
Reaching out, deliberately to share and encourage newcomers to step up their game is becoming a whole bunch easier.. I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS.

I’ll leave you with a question today. “Are you currently at the point where you’re finding yourself moving towards accomplishing tasks before you even have a second to think about how to do it better?”

Remember, you still have time to get your 24 Day Challenge before the team as a whole takes life by the horns!

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