Momentous Action (MA)

Being posted early due to HOLIDAY EATING!  🙂

Shoot, you thought you’d be done hearing that ringing in your ears once you sat up. Hahaha, NOPE! This is just the beginning of our trek forward. RECOGNIZE! That’s right, the long haul is just getting started and I can tell you I’ve never been more ready for it. If you caught the post earlier this week, you heard about efforts being acknowledged, appreciated and alike anticipated. “Ok Kyle, quit it with the wordplay!”

Anyways, take a look at the new page/ “post” on teamIBK’s site. Project: RECOVERY is an inclusive guide to setting light to that amped fuse you know is inside. Steps to starting your own site/ page/ workshop for NEW WORLD ORDER is now at your finger tips! Whatever it is that you love talking, thinking, and obsessing over can now be your ticket to a future you’ve always dreamed of.
Think you have a imagination only family would cherish, photo realism many would enjoy, talents better put on the screen than only in words? POST IT!
Got a voice you need others to hear? THAT’S RIGHT, practice it, record it and POST IT!

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