You know, I may have missed legitimately stating how much I dismiss a lot of common thoughts and understandings.  Probably not, but this post again is going to stress how you must individualize your comeback.
What I really wanted to reinforce in this post is slightly different but that intro, let it stand as its own statement. It is very true. Now, for the meat of this week’s post…  COURAGE.  I bet people naive to the lifestyle you live now may indeed congratulate you on how brave you are for sticking with it and remaining so steadfast.
(I’m actually drafting this post while sitting in the car.  Two hours in the gym this morning got me thinking)  (Draft started 11/14).
If you are one to welcome that unearned pat on the back, stop it. What?  Are you going to need to be spoon-fed the dignity you should already be using to fuel your every step forward?   I truly hope you’re saying “NO” out loud right now.
AND.. Stop being so sensitive. Remember you’re forging the future on your terms and designing your own life. Any misconceptions and irate misunderstandings any one other than you have about you are your responsibility.
Show them you mean business and aren’t going to take handouts, pity or them changing your mind on intended goals, perspective or willingness to grow and change lightly.

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