SHORT TERM GOALS – The New Standard

On Friday, you learned that therapy and continuing to make moves forward are now fully my responsibility. Don’t worry, I will be waiting until I get supervision around before doing my sanding exercises. I did kind of laugh when my therapist said do these exercises 2 to 3 times a week! Pssschhh, ya okayy. I guess that MIGHT be the case knowing gym time and alike will be increased. I’m so happy that most if not all the activities I find myself doing these days add a personal touch on ways to do therapy. Intellectual well being and building, physical wellbeing and building, strength training and mobility increasing, my future and goal setting getting brighter and brighter by the day. Tune into Facebook to check out the drafted, worked out and final home workout routines coming shortly or already on there.


Home WORKOUT Routine:

A.  Standing Tolerance Sets include standing independently as straight as I can for sets of 10 minutes using my walker.
Duration is to be increased as long as comfort at prior sets is assured by stability, no wavering and constant ‘nose over toes’ posture.
(3 to 4 sets)

B.  Standing sets of kicking forward, to the side and backwards are to be done on each leg in sets of 10.
(3 to 4 sets)

C.  Standing with my weight fully on my left leg for sets of 10 minutes are a goal.
(3 to 4 sets)



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