Looking Ahead -11.6


On Facebook you might have noticed that I wrapped up my allotted outpatient therapy sessions yesterday. ON TO THE NEXT ONE, riight?! Don’t hold it against me for holding out on you for never mentioning how useful and impactful I think setting short term goals can be. Monday’s article should be primarily based on that fact. That being said, how much time are you going to put in tomorrow morning? Are you going to set a new best benching? Grab some new post-it notes to keep yourself focused ok.  Jot down numbers just beyond your comfort level. Make sure you match each one of those and draw a star on the note. Standing tolerance and rep counts counted out loud are great numbers to have jotted down. I bring this up because a huge part of my final session yesterday was devoted to making sure I understood how to follow along with the outlined exercises I was given to keep making progress and getting stronger

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