Here’s A Jolt (OPEN YOUR EYES!)

Ok, so.. Today’s “motivational entry” was NOT prepared ahead of time.  I could have sworn it was, but when things go full throttle in every aspect of your life, they begin to mesh together.
Starting it now, let’s just take a minute, or sixty to recognize the speed we’re moving at.
For real, the boxing event I MIGHT be going to tomorrow is the least of my thinking right now.  This Sunday actually a letter I wrote explaining my goals with the new Team-ibk site is going to be passed on to the board at Twin Valley High School.  Let’s hope they give their blessings and allow me to share the success stories their athletics department prides themselves in.

I never thought I’d be the one asking for more hours in a day, but document this and show it to your friends.  “I, coach (what I’m calling myself these days) could really use more minutes in the day to fully explore the potential I see ahead of myself.”



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