Muscle Memory

This week let’s team up and take a look at muscle memory together. Research tells us muscle memory is not your MUSCLES remembering how things go, but your brain recalling the proper protocol. PROCEDURAL MEMORY is how it’s referred to in many databases. Let’s begin.

These memories are subliminal in a sense. “One foot in front of the other…” Does that sound familiar to you? Yes, don’t think too hard about it, especially while walking. Concentrate more on keeping your head up and nose over toes. Your feet SHOULD follow. See previous posts mentioning and illustrating proper gait.



Striding or doing LUNGES at the gym, might be a good step forward if you’re looking to strengthen your upper legs, quads and your lower legs, calves, ankle muscles and toes ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Do almost any active movement with resistance and your arms and legs will get stronger. There are however, tons of exercises requiring little to no excessive movement. These are called isometrics.

Also known as static strength training. these exercises eliminate the muscles shortening and lengthening continuously in order to get stronger.


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