Joint Health

Less rigorous numbers may be all you need, but have no doubt those initial morning stretches and body movement routines play a sizeable role in how your body is able to deal with and sometimes overcome certain health issues. Tomorrow morning, as soon as you wake up give yourself 10 minutes to try something.

Holding onto stable structures may be needed, but nonetheless start your morning by standing in one place and doing some deep knee bends. 15-20 deep, controlled knee bends will not only loosen your quads, knees, ankles and toes, it will get your blood flowing and so much more.

Your metabolism, for one, will get a boost during sets of morning jumping jacks for example. COME ON GIVE US A SET OF 20.

Energy levels will naturally synchronize themselves allowing you to proceed to succeed. (

JOINT HEALTH has too many potentials when exercising including improved bone health and density, disease fighting abilities and injury prevention to list. (

Those brittle bones ARE NOT going to get any stronger the longer you sit still and let them willow away. We know that, now you know that. See ( for more info on bone health, density and injury to educate yourself on the facts. Motivation plus knowledge should be all you need to proceed. Kinetic energy, torque and rotation entered into Google should present thousands of articles on info that states and restates that the force put on a single object that causes rotation is…

Torque is a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate.”


We are concluding that torque un-maintained is what causes fracture and injury. We don’t want that. Watch your step placement, your path and trail selection. Common sense and a fall or two will tell you that walking with crutches is no joke. See that you can get anywhere you want to on crutches HERE:

BIG THINGS and BIG GOALS can be had by anybody and everybody! At. All. Times!

Raise two and kiss your fist, go ahead.




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