Manic Muscle Movement (The Power of The Mind)


Feeling weak? Feeling doubtful about finishing the next set? Feeling you’ve got too much on your mind to fully flex those muscles while wearing a WLabilities t ( and representing the best?
You better sit this one out.

After you gather yourself and grip the floor with the balmy arches of your feet, make up your mind to exceed expectations people. You might think you’re not up to pulling off another excellent day in the gym, but little do you know you’re more in control than you think.

“Mind over matter,” how many times have you heard that? There’s actually a lot of history behind that phrase. (SEE”>
but are you here for a history lesson?

The proof is in the pudding! We can control and HARNESS our body’s output with our minds! You know what that means right? Your excuses are looking more and more pitiful every second passing.
The power of YES, needless to say equals YES I CAN here.


We don’t want to hear it. Minimize hurdles with your thoughts, realize those mountains ARE actually molehills.

neuron - img2

Being the boss of those “electrically excitable cells that process and transmit information” who’s to say you have to stop now? Click on the PUMP MUSIC in the sidebar and show those tired muscles who’s boss. NOW!

Stiffness and TONE Muscle tone, “also termed tonus;” the normal state of balanced tension in the tissues of the body, the muscles can become a problem especially after injury. There are many key factors that increase the tension in your muscles but let’s focus more on solutions. Sure, pop a pill and live forever. There are many natural cures and methods to ease contraction and the inner tug of war battles though.

Hypotonia, or poor muscle tone, is usually detected at birth or during infancy. If your infant has hypotonia, he or she may appear limp at birth and not be able to keep his or her knees and elbows slightly bent. Your child may continue to struggle with feeding and motor skills.” ( Too much muscle tone, resulting from overdoing it or injury can cause much headache.  Getting in and out of the car, rolling over in bed, you name it.  It’s not something we take lightly. Cite it’s mentioning in an earlier post (Alternative Therapy) (, alternative therapies tend to target numerous problem areas.  Muscle tone happens to be one that many focus on.  After evaluation and clear diagnosis, there are a few paths to relief.
Muscle tone and spasticity can be dealt with as a medical condition, incorporating medications, like Baclofen, Botox and Lioresal for example.

Or more homeopathic approaches can be taken.  These can range from muscle massage, mind, body and spirit cures, bed rest, chiropractic adjustments and a bunch others.

We DO NOT favor or support taking stuff we don’t need to.  Besides vitamins and other healthy alternatives, popping pills is no joke!

This week let’s focus on the mind’s ability to raise the bar, decrease tone and seize every opportunity it’s given.  Not to give away the key to the mint here, but here at WLabilities we start EVERY SINGLE DAY with a glass of Spark.
(See: for nutritional details). We would feel bad about endorsing stuff, but what you don’t know will hurt you here.

Start your days with a cup of coffee?  NO!

You can see more details about coffee HERE but you can do that on your own time. We won’t lie, SPARK has minimal amounts of caffeine just like coffee.  But, it also has a bunch of vitamins and amino acids to help you grow physically.

Just like studies prove, the great tasting pick-me-up does boost our mental capabilities too we feel.  Shoot, prove us wrong.. Order a box (, set yourself up to do a crossword puzzle while or shortly after drinking your FIRST CUP and tell us we are wrong!

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