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This week, the subject of muscle groups will be discussed.  More than that though, detailed muscle groups that are targeted when lifting will be the topic of conversation. To us, working the more strenuous and fatiguing muscle group, legs earlier in the week only makes sense. “Fatigue: a failure to maintain required or expected force due to muscular activity.” (

A lot of discussion has much to do with MUSCLE FIBER ( ) wear and tear.  We know muscle wear and tear is crucial for muscle growth.


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“Quickly packing on slabs of rock-solid lean mass is, in essence……” (Click on the image above to read the whole article)

  1. LEGS – As stated above, many “muscle-growth-enthusiasts” consider working legs to be paramount in their exercise regimen. We think a lot alike.  Ask yourself if you’d rather spend your peak performance days lifting and working the harder, more intensity-required groups or your “wittle” hand strength building routine. WE THOUGHT SO.. Monday, FUNDAY, is our scheduled day to routinely hammer our legs into shape.  SQUATS and quad work are almost any serious lifters first recollections of LEG DAY (taking advantage of higher energy levels)

Rightfully so, the larger muscle group in the leg will use up the most energy. Much like WORK being defined as the ability to move/ or apply force to an object over a certain distance – Pulling or even pushing the bar from its resting place to an arm’s length or in this case a leg’s length from the body will use energy.  Muscles do WORK to move the body.

It’s the micro-tears we feel would be appropriate discussing.  “SIZE DOES MATTER!” is a funny thing to consider when realizing how tiny these tears are!” See BodyBuildingDragons ( for their description too if you want, but all we know is that these “DISASTEROUS” tears are required for the said muscle to grow. Hypertrophy – (
The increase in muscle size and weight reflects an increase in protein, especially sarcoplasmic protein, and results from greater protein synthesis and reduced protein breakdown. Within several hours after a workout, the hypertrophying soleus shows more rapid uptake of certain amino acids and synthesis of phosphatidyl-inositol. By 8 hours, protein synthesis is enhanced. RNA synthesis also increases, and hypertrophy can be prevented with actinomycin D. Nuclear DNA synthesis also increases on the second day after operation and leads to a greater DNA content. The significance of the increased RNA and DNA synthesis is not clear, since most of it occurs in interstitial and satellite cells. The proliferation of the non-muscle cells seems linked to the growth of the muscle fibers;
(Studies to show the effects of protein ingestion

2.  Tuesdays in our world mean CHEST.  Bench Press has to be the most demanding, so of course that’s being done first.  Onward and upward,  Below is a guide used by our friends at Muscle and Fitness ( that should better illustrate how we like seeing things done. (Forget the disagreement on CHEST DAYS being on Mondays vs. Tuesdays)


Finishing your sets while keeping your breathing relaxed is key.  See ( Next, while already being in the benching area, let’s grab some dumbbells and INCREASE  OUTPUT.  SEE ( for detailed instructions on how things are done.  Dumbbell Presses can be done on a flat bench or on an inclined bench.
Or.. See the tutorial/ visual in the sidebar! (Coming Soon)

3. Wednesdays in our book usually get devoted to ARMS. Two options are available to you. Curls and extensions can be done while sitting or while standing. We like to PUSH THE LIMITS so even if we do curls first, while sitting in the Preacher Bench, you can bet curls done standing in the cable pulldown area will get done before finishing. Triceps, much the same. Watch out for moving too quickly between sets!

Rest is very important. Recharge those muscles! (MORE:

4. If your body is not already overdoing it and unable to crouch without minute muscle soreness causing you to wince, DAY FOUR spent in the gym is always an option. We like to work our stomachs A LOT if we haven’t mentioned it already. “Gotta look good for the ladies, right?” LIVESTRONG offers guidelines (SEE: but so do we. Almost every session starts out doing a set or two of crunches to get warmed up. THAT’S IMPORTANT: Variations are plentiful for core and stomach work. (10 Great stomach exercises:

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